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Door & Window Screen Repair & Replacement

Whether you need entirely new screens (including the frame), new window mesh in your existing frame, or a repair for the frame, Screen Masterz of Bellevue, Washington, can do the job for you. We take care of your door and window screens in Pierce, King, and Snohomish Counties.


Contact us if you want your screen completely replaced. We can also replace your frames and the window mesh with brand new materials.


Re-screening is appropriate when your frames are in good shape. We take out the damaged window mesh and replace it with new material.

Window Screen

Frame Repairs

Sometimes you have just one side of the frame that is bent, creased, or ripped. We can repair screen frames with this kind of damage.

Affordable Services

The competitive pricing we offer for screen replacement and repair means that you get top-quality materials and labor at affordable rates when you choose us. We also waive our trip fee on orders over $150.

Solar Guard Screen Mesh

When getting new screens or re-screening, consider switching to Solar Guard mesh. It prevents about 80 percent of the solar rays from passing through the screen, which helps your house stay cooler and cuts your air conditioning costs. This mesh is made of vinyl-coated fiberglass and keeps insects out while providing natural airflow just like regular screen mesh.